Coaching for managers
Coaching for managers
Posted by Stuart Falconer • November 2, 2021

I’ve worked in HR for over 20 years now and have met only a handful of managers that I would consider to be top-notch. I’ve worked with hundreds of managers, yet few excel in that role and stand out as exceptional. Very few people are born a ‘manager’ and not many set out for a career in management. That’s why providing coaching for managers can make all the difference.

What makes a top-notch manager?

A top-notch manager not only has an operational understanding of their role but understands all the other facets. They understand the nuances of HR, how to speak to people and how to lead a team. They know how to set appropriate goals and hold staff accountable for the jobs they’re paid to do.

An excellent manager understands the role of finance, budgeting, projections and how costs affect the bottom line. They understand the importance of IT and can recognise how its effective use can make an operational function easier to manage and monitor.

They understand health and safety, accepting the responsibility of the role for ensuring the safety of the staff they manage.

BUT it’s not enough to simply be good operationally . . .

A good manager needs a combination of all the key hard AND soft skills. It’s not enough to have one without the other.

So, why haven’t I encountered many top-notch managers in my career in HR? People get promoted to the role of manager because they’re good operationally at what they do. It stands to reason that the natural next rung on the ladder is to become a manager. But it doesn’t mean they possess all the skills required. They might be excellent operationally but if they don’t know how to manage people effectively, they could find themselves up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

What does a manager need to know?

A manager needs to understand all the variables. By this, I mean the soft and hard skills that make for a healthy and successful workplace. They must learn how to apply all these skills on a daily basis within the framework of the goals of the business, whatever issues are thrown at them. It’s no good being able to create a budget if you don’t know how to manage change, communicate effectively, support mental health, increase employee engagement, coach employees, create employee pathways . . .  the list goes on!


No one ever said that managing people is easy. That’s why coaching becomes an essential part of a manager’s development. Just because you’re excellent at your job, it doesn’t necessarily make you a good manager. But you can be and that’s where Morgan Thomson can help. We can support you with coaching for managers and bespoke training across a broad range of areas to empower you with the skills and resources to manage your team effectively. Call Stuart on 0345 095 0139 or email