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No one is born a manager!

Managing people is challenging. Having a difficult conversation with an employee about performance or a disciplinary offence can be daunting. Equally, knowing how to reward people in the right way to motivate them is a skill that you need to learn through experience. Very few people are born a ‘manager’ and not many set out for a career in management, but most find themselves in the role at some point in their career.

Just because you’re excellent at your job, it doesn’t necessarily make you a good manager. But you can be and that’s where Morgan Thomson can help. We can support you with coaching and bespoke training across a broad range of areas to empower you with the skills and resources to manage your team effectively.

  • Managing change
  • Building a framework for good communication
  • Expectations, accountability and consequences
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Creating employee pathways
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Developing an HR strategy that works
  • COVID-19 and post-lockdown issues

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