Tips for team building
Tips for team building
Posted by Stuart Falconer • December 2, 2021

I am always amazed when I see staff failing to pull in the same direction. There’s no justifiable reason for it. Likewise, there’s no good reason why a business owner or manager should let this happen. Encouraging your staff to work as a team isn’t rocket science, but it does need leadership – and from the top down. In this blog, we share three fundamental tips for team building. Read on – it’s simpler than you think!

What stops a team from working as a team?

For me, it’s down to the fact they don’t know what the direction of the business is. There is no shared vision towards which there is an incentive to work as a team. How many times have I asked a business owner whether they’ve got a business plan, only to receive a response where they tap their head as if to say, ‘It’s all in here’? What’s the point of having a plan in their head when no one else knows what it is? How can staff pull in the same direction without that vision? You wouldn’t field a football team for a match and not tell the players what position they’re in or that they’re playing in a cup final. It would be a recipe for disaster!

So, what are my top three tips for team building (and supporting the success of your business)?

Tip number 1

This one is simple. Work out where it is you’re aiming as a business. Without a defined goal and a strategy, it might take you a long time to get there! Discuss your plans and vision for your business with your leadership team so that you’re all heading in the same direction.

Tip number 2

This tip is even simpler! Once you’ve spoken to your leadership team, communicate your business plan to all your staff. Break it down into its various components and explain it clearly so that everyone can share your vision. To get buy-in, you need to set out the why, how and when – without that, your plans might just look like a pipe dream and why would people invest themselves in that?

Tip number 3

Tip three is the simplest of all our tips for team building. Expectations – Accountability – Consequences.

Outline the expectations. You’ve explained the goals, you’ve explained the whys and whens. Now break it down into the small components. These become the targets of the individuals. In other words, ‘This is what I want and need you to do. If you do this, this will happen. If everyone does their bit, then everyone achieves, meaning the business hits its targets.’ When an employee understands that the success of their own individual contribution depends on everyone else’s contribution too, they will appreciate the importance of working as a team.

Make individuals accountable for the job they should be doing. Explain that they must take personal responsibility for undertaking the job they’ve been tasked to do. Ensure they’re clear on the scope and requirements of their role. Put additional training and development in place if need be. Give employees the tools to do their job and to do it well.

Finally, make sure your employees understand that there are consequences. There are positive consequences if everything goes according to plan and the business does well. And, of course, there are negative consequences if they don’t!! Without consequences, what’s the incentive to do your job well and work as a team?

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